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Smoking Marijuana May Soon Become Passe

For cannabis users, passing the pipe is becoming increasingly passe. New delivery systems for CBD and THC are replacing pipes, joints, and blunts for customers who want to enjoy marijuana without the health problems smoking can cause.  

Smoke-free cannabis products offer a controllable high or none at all, opening the benefits of cannabis to a nonsmoking audience. CBD is the most searched health and wellness topic on Google, according to Hemp Industry Daily, showing the budding interest in cannabis and cannabis-derivatives among those who may not have ever smoked marijuana recreationally.  

For those who enjoy smoking marijuana recreationally but want an enhanced high, adding products such as edibles, hash, wax, and shatter can provide a more potent experience. A rookie cannabis user may want to dabble in products such as gummies that don’t resemble marijuana at all. An experienced budtender can show customers how to layer their cannabis for the best buzz. 

Whether you’re a dispensary owner looking to expand your product line or a medicinal user looking to expand your horizons, the following preparations are proof that marijuana doesn’t have to leave you “up in smoke.” 


This is a classic option, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in the post-prohibition world. Edible cannabis products can range from fruity gummies to gourmet cookies and brownies baked with canna-butter (butter infused with cannabis). 

Since THC is absorbed during digestion and metabolized by the liver, the high is delayed, so be patient and don’t eat too fast. It can take an hour or more for the effects to kick in, but once they do, you’re in for a powerful high. Start with small doses (i.e. do not eat the whole brownie). 

Cannabis-infused drinks 

Cocktails don’t have to include alcohol. Beverages combining cannabis compounds with nonalcoholic wines are a new trend, as noted by High Times. Sip these during happy hour for a completely different kind of buzz. A plus for these potent potables is that they won’t bring on a hangover the next morning. 


Topical cannabis products use an extract that can be absorbed through the skin. These products do not produce a high, so they are perfect for using on sore muscles and joints during the work day. Examples of topicals include lotions, ointments, and creams. 


Transdermal patches provide a steady dose of THC, CBD, and other therapeutic compounds on the go—all without smoking. Some users enjoy them discreetly for the purposes of addressing daily pain and anxiety. CBD-only patches are available too. 


These liquid extracts have long been popular in CBD stores, but THC varieties are now appearing on dispensary shelves as well. A few drops of the liquid are placed under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream for rapid, long-lasting effects. Many tinctures are flavorless and odorless for a discreet experience. They can also be mixed into foods and beverages. 


“Dabbing” refers to heating and vaporizing concentrated cannabis, often in a sticky or waxy form. It has become extremely popular in recent years, and it’s made possible thanks to improvements in the quality of cannabis concentrates and extracts. 

Cannapreneurs are using rosin presses, closed-loop extractors, and other sophisticated equipment to make highly potent concentrates like wax, shatter, budder, and rosin. Some extracts have more than 80% THC, so it’s important to tread lightly. 

Thinking Beyond the Bud 

If you’re a medicinal or recreational user, you may want to explore different cannabis delivery systems to see which ones best suit your lifestyle and promote your desired effects. If you’ve been nervous about trying cannabis because you don’t care for the smoke, take comfort in knowing that there’s a world of alternative consumption methods at your fingertips. 

And for the cannabis business owner, offering a wider variety of cannabis products to complement the marijuana buds on your shelves will bring the benefits of this versatile therapeutic plant to a larger audience. 

Whether your customers want a natural solution to pain or anxiety or are looking for new ways to enjoy marijuana recreationally, non-smoking cannabis products offer new ways to enjoy the benefits of the bud. 

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